Turnatoria Centrala Orion was founded in 1971 and the headquarters is in Campina, at about 100 km nord-west from Bucarest on the national road DN 1.

There are produced here cast pieces from a wide range type of alloy like: grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, carbon steels, low and high alloyed steels.The moulding is made also on mechanised lines on HWS moulding machines air - impulse as well as on manual lines in mixtures based on resins and sodium silicate. These procedures allows manufacturing of a wide range of products from point of view of both gauges and weights. Turnatoria Centrala Orion produces any types of parts, unique parts oe series of thousands of pieces by year.

Alloys are elaborated in electric are furnace and intermediate frequency furnance or at net`s frequency with respect for all foresights of intern and international standards regarding the chemical composition and physical - mechanical characteristics.
A guarantee for quality is ISO 9002 Certificate granted to our company since 1997.

Our company is seeking to establish long term partnerships with potential partners who, apreciate the advantages of including this company`s products in their own related product range.

Turnatoria Centrala Orion is looking forward to welcoming all customers.

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